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Prof. Benici

Prof. Benici’s Style Tips: 5 Simple Ways to Embrace Summer

June 06, 2016

Summer is finally here! Now that the weather has changed (for the better), so should your style. Follow these 5 simple tips to make your outfits fresh and ready for the sunny days ahead! Go Sockless! If you think that socks are a must for each outfit, you are wrong. Summer is the perfect time to put your long socks back in the drawer. However, that doesn’t mean every pair of shoes can be worn without socks. Examples of shoes that get this job done include loafers (including all the variations such as tassel loafers, suede loafers, etc.) brogues, wingtips, and even monk-straps! The key is to ensure that your shoes are not too formal, or you will end up making a...

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Prof. Benici’s Style Tips: 10 simple ways to boost your style

May 19, 2016

Now that you know what you shouldn't do when wearing a Benici suit, let's take a look at what you ought to do. Follow these simple style tips to amaze the masses. Oh, and do not forget to get yourself a nicely fitted Benici suit and shirt! 1. Use a Pocket Square A simple, yet very effective addition to your outfit. Make sure that the pattern and fabric create a bit of contrast with your suit. If you are brave enough, you may want to try matching your pocket square's colour to your tie. As always, make sure that you find the right balance between classy and creative.   2. Use Personalized Pins A personalized pin can say a lot about the man who is wearing...

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Prof. Benici’s Style Tips: 10 mistakes that men make when wearing a suit

May 12, 2016

  You made it. You have finally received your Benici custom made suit, and you are eager to wear it. . . Well, before you proceed I want to guide you through a few style mistakes that you should avoid at any costs. Get ready! Here they come:  1. Short Socks Do yourself a favour and keep those short, white socks where they belong: the gym. Opt for knee high suit socks, or simply take them off during the summer for a fresh and sporty look. Did you say formal socks are boring? Fear not. If you are a creative person, and you do not mind leaving a memorable impression try pairing your suit with your favourite patterned socks.   2. Too Tight Everyone likes to follow the new...

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Prof. Benici's Style Tips: Taking Care of Your Suit

May 03, 2016

They say that love at first sight is real. At Benici, we believe in a slightly different version of the story, we call it: love at first fit. The first steps of a relationship are comparable to heaven on earth: everything is in its place, everything is perfect, roses are red, violets are blue, and even the winter feels like a warm summer day. In a few words, you feel invincible.  You quickly spread the good news to all your friends and family, and enjoy every moment with your significant other. Unless your relationship comes straight out of one those fairy tail stories, as time moves on things start getting more complicated. Issues start to arise, and arguments start to form. You quickly realize that more time, care...

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