From the heart of our finest mills, from the craftsmanship of our master tailors, we bring to every customer a unique and long-lasting experience that will not only redefine his view of the world, but also his role in it.

 A perfect fit and an unparalleled quality: embrace the gentleman you always aspired to be.
Now that you have selected your favorite garment, it is time to customize it to your unique profile. In order to do so, you will need to take your own measurements as well as a couple of pictures and input them when placing your order.
This will ensure that your garment will be perfectly crafted by our master tailors for you, and you only.


  1. A tailor’s measuring tape
  2. A friend to help you measure
  3. A device capable of taking pictures (Cellphone, camera…)
  4. Fifteen minutes of your time


Two pictures of yourself will be needed to complete the customization process. This will ensure that your posture and overall body shape is taken into consideration while crafting your made-to-measure suit.

Front-facing picture

Side picture



Upper Body

1. Jacket Length

TIP: If you are using a collar shirt, start from where the collar and shoulder seams meet.

2. Arms Length

TIP: Use a well-fitted shirt to ease your measuring process. Measure from the seam of your shoulders all the way to the end of your sleeve.


3. Shoulder Width

TIP: Use a well-fitted shirt to ease your measuring process.

4. Chest


 5. Stomach - Jacket


 6. Neck 


7. Wrist


 8. Biceps



Lower Body

1. Hips


 2. Waist - Pants


3. Thigh


4. Leg Length


5. Crotch