Meant to Be


Some companies say they care about you, some promise to hold your hand, and others will say that the customer always comes first.

We cut the talking, and went straight to action.

Introducing Benici’s “meant to be” © policy; the first all-inclusive formula in the world of fashion. From finding a tailor, to giving you style tips and paying for your alterations, we’ve got you covered. Because you are a gentleman, and your suit will be your one true love.

Let us take a step back and tell you why this is important.

We started by interviewing skilled Italian tailors to discover what it takes to build the best custom suit in the world. As you might imagine, it is truly an art. You need time, practice, and at least two fittings.

Wait, why two fittings? 

The answer is simple. There is a subtle, yet noticeable difference, between a suit that is “right”, and one that “feels right”. Our handcrafted measuring process, along with the experience of Italian tailors will ensure that the suit is “right”. Benici’s “meant to be policy © will take care of everything else.

What is the “meant to be policy” ©? How do I take advantage of it?

  1. “A picture is worth a thousand words” – In the era of Instagram, and Facebook tags, every good thing starts with a picture.

As soon as you receive your newly tailored custom garment, take some time to send us a few clear and crisp pictures of your first fitting at, and don’t forget to voice any concerns or questions that you might have. Our trained customer care agents will listen carefully, while recommending any alterations that you might require to reach the next level of customization.

  1. “A worry-free process”- It is now time to bring your suit to a tailor!

Simplicity and efficiency are at the core of Benici and we believe that our customers have the right to be a part of it. We all know that finding the right tailor for your alterations can be a cumbersome process, and this is why we do it for you.

We will redirect you to one of our trusted partners to make sure that you will receive the treatment and quality that a gentleman deserves.

  1. “Wallets are out-dated, leave yours at home” – We don’t believe in compromise, nor do we like settling for average results. This is why Benici will cover the cost of any recommended alterations.
  1. “Feeling right” – Get ready to fall in love; your suit is finally “meant to be”.

Still have questions about our “meant to be policy © ? Visit our FAQ page.