About Us

The Journey

We are dreamers unable to settle for compromise, and this is why we have decided to re-shape your customer experience to bring “Made in Italy” right at your doorstep.

Making sure that we could offer a product that is clearly above the standard has always been our first priority; this is why we entwined deep Italian roots, everlasting quality and superior craftsmanship to create masterpieces that are uniquely yours. We have spent over a year perfecting every detail to make sure that we could turn “buying a product” into a magical experience. Nothing was left to chance: from the quality and standards of our fabrics, to the craftsmanship of our suppliers and the customer care, we thought about everything because we care about you, and we love what we do.

Buying a custom garment is a journey that comes with happiness and incredibly good style, and we are finally ready to share these moments with you.

From the moment you unbox your suit, to the moment you take it off, we will be there for you.


“Pushing our limits - Hundreds of names”


Letter to all of our customers

Everything started as a simple game, a challenge: we wanted to give a unique name to each one of our garments.

As we worked together on this project we learnt a lot about our company, and about ourselves. It is now time to connect the dots, and share our final words with you.

Names represent a wide range of emotions, feelings, and mental images. We use them to learn, communicate, read, and express our ideas. Yet, what would be left of “friend” without a smile, what would be remembered of “chocolate” without the taste of sweetness, what would remain of “suit” without a happy customer?

And so Benici was born. A subtle, yet powerful connection between hundreds of names and you: the true essence of this company.

For the first time in the world of fashion, you are invited to bring names to life.


Invitation to become a gentleman. Invitation to become Benici.