Prof. Benici's Style Tips: Taking Care of Your Suit

They say that love at first sight is real. At Benici, we believe in a slightly different version of the story, we call it: love at first fit.

The first steps of a relationship are comparable to heaven on earth: everything is in its place, everything is perfect, roses are red, violets are blue, and even the winter feels like a warm summer day. In a few words, you feel invincible. 

You quickly spread the good news to all your friends and family, and enjoy every moment with your significant other.

Unless your relationship comes straight out of one those fairy tail stories, as time moves on things start getting more complicated. Issues start to arise, and arguments start to form. You quickly realize that more time, care and attention are needed to keep the relationship healthy. In fact, the situation is quite similar when you buy a suit.

The moment you get it, you feel like a new man. One that can take the world by storm. Looking fresh as never before you get out of the house to face a new day, and whenever you get a chance, you decide to share your suit's story. Where it was made, how special and unique your suit is, and even how much attention to detail was applied while crafting it. Like in any other relationship, as time goes by you realize that tireless care is needed to preserve the beauty of your new soulmate. This article is aimed at giving you few general guidelines on how to get the job done quickly, and without losing your hair.


1. Rotate Your Suits

Wearing the same suit everyday is boring and dull, and it dramatically reduces the life expectancy of your garments. High quality wool needs rest, so make sure you rotate your outfit throughout the week. Besides, you don't want to be that one guy with one piece of clothing in his closet.


2. Get The Right Size

Have you been going too the gym too much? (Or too little?).

Keep in mind that if your suit is too tight, you risk permanently damaging your garments. Extreme tension in the fabric will make it more likely for your suit to suffer wear and tear. I am also pretty sure that everyone would like to avoid the extremely embarrassing seam split on tight suits.


3. Avoid Overusing Your Pockets

This applies to both internal and external pockets. First, avoid overloading your internal pockets with keys, thick wallets or any large objects for that matter. Not only will you look like you are running away from a Zombie apocalypse, you might also risk damaging or tearing the fabric.

When it comes to external pockets, we do not recommend removing the stitching that our master tailors have carefully applied. Opening-up your pockets may cause your silhouette to look less streamlined, and putting objects in them will completely ruin your suit's fit. Of course, you should always consider unstitching your handkerchief pocket, and patch pockets. For all other occasions, you might want to get a nice leather brief case.


4. Invest in a Wooden Hanger

Ditch the slim steel/plastic hangers that you get from the dry cleaner and invest in a proper set of thick wooden hangers. These will provide your suit with an incomparable shoulder support, while keeping its form and silhouette. As a side note, wood can also help to absorb the moisture and sweat accumulated throughout the day.


5. Invest in a Suit Brush

Much like other natural fabrics, wool will attract and hold dust and dirt from the environment around it. When these start to accumulate, they can noticeably damage your garment's fabric. A suit brush can help you remove these unwanted particles, therefore keeping your suit fresh.

Not sure how to use your brush?

Simply hang your suit, and brush it downwards starting from the shoulders. You can also use a lint roller to help with the process.


6. Buy Spare Trousers

Suit pants are much more likely to be subject to wear and tear than your jacket is. At Benici, we always offer the opportunity to add an extra pair of pants. You should seriously consider this investment! Trust me, you will be surprised how much longer your precious soul mate will last for now.


7. Avoid Dry Cleaners

Unless your suit has visible stains or it is starting to have an unpleasant smell, try to avoid dry cleaners. The chemicals used in the cleaning process are harmful to the wool, and they could cause permanent damage if applied too frequently to your suits. Visiting dry cleaners on a weekly basis will only ruin your suits. We recommend washing your jackets every 2 to 4 months, depending on how frequently your garment. You may want to wash your pants more frequently, but luckily, you should have two pairs by now. 

Another alternative would be to steam suits yourself.


8. Invest in a Steamer

If you are really paranoid about wrinkles and keeping your suit fresh, invest in a good quality steamer. It will help open up the fibres, while letting them breathe. As an extra, you may also be able to remove some small stains.


9. Do Not Mistreat Your Suit

All of us might be tempted to throw a suit on the couch after a long day at work.

If you take the time and effort to hang your garments right after you are them off, you will be able to noticeable extend their lifetime. Your wooden hangers will absorb the sweat and moisture that you have accumulated throughout the day, while preserving the silhouette of your suit.

Do you have any tips on how to take care of your suit that you would like to share with us? Simply comment below to let us know.

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