Prof. Benici's Style Tips: When and How to Wear Your Benici Garments

Well, we have already talked about why you should buy Benici, it is now time to take a look at some tips on how to wear your custom garments with style.

Let's say that you have just received your new Benici suit. You open the box with satisfaction and contemplate the latest addition to your wardrobe. As you reach for your wooden hanger you start wondering about all the good times that you are going to have with your new soulmate. Yes. Your new favourite suit!


1. The Casual Dinner

So here you are, ready to meet-up with some friends for a quick dinner and a few beers. Nobody really knows who's going to be there. Will it be some of your colleagues? Or maybe someone that you have never met before? Either way, the important question is: what first impression do you want to give them? 

If your answer lies somewhere between stylish, really stylish, and unforgettably stylish, you better keep reading.

Grab your most unique Benici blazer - maybe a Caccioppoli - and pair it with blue jeans, a nice v-neck t-shirt and, why not, a pair of desert boots. This is the best recipe for a relaxed, casual look, with a slight hint of business attitude. You can substitute the t-shirt for a shirt, if you want a more formal look. We can't promise that you'll start getting free dinners, but you will definitely look sharper than any other man out there.
Benici's recommended outfit:

Core Items: 

  • Custom Benici blazer (blue/patterned)
  • Light coloured Benici shirt OR v-neck t-shirt (white or other light colour)
  • Skinny denim jeans


  • Braided belt (brown)
  • Patterned socks
  • Desert boots (opt for a beige in summer, and brown during the winter)
  • White handkerchief (if you really want to dress to impress)
  • Favourite watch


2. The Marriage

Yes. These are going to be some of the happiest moments in your family member's/friend's life, and you better not let them down!

You already know that the happy couple will be getting most of the attention, but there is always a bit of space for you to unleash a few style tricks. If you expect this to be a fun, relaxed environment, it might be the perfect time for you to try something new. Ditch your boring black tie and white shirt combination, and opt for a summery colourful outfit. One flowery shirt, one Ermenegildo Zegna suit, a pair of loafers and a few accessories.  Voilà, les jeux sont faits!

Benici's recommended outfit: 

Core Items: 

  • Royal blue suit
  • Print shirt if paired with a solid suit. Solid shirt if paired with a patterned suit


  • Simple brown belt
  • Tassel loafers (white or beige, and don't forget to ditch the socks)
  • White Panama Hat
  • Favourite watch


3. The Interview

No, we are not talking about a movie date. We are talking about that scary situation in which your fate depends on a complete stranger sitting across the table.

Set aside your every-day, off-the-rack suit, and start wearing your Made to Measure Benici garments. Not only will you look unprofessional if you don't, you will also give the impression of a man that does not care about his appearance.

I might not be an HR specialist, but I sure would not send someone with long sleeves and sloppy pants to talk with one of our clients.

When you wear a properly fitted suit, not only do you project confidence, you also subtly show your love for details. Besides, you can now tell the interviewer a few stories about the secrets of your suit.
Benici's recommended outfit:

Core Items:


  • Tie - keep it classy and conservative, avoid flashy colours
  • Patterned socks if you are a creative mind. Opt for solid socks for a more formal look
  • Tie bar or handkerchief - use one of these accessories to add a subtle touch to your outfit
  • Leather dress shoes - brown or black depending on your suit. Avoid squared toe dress shoes, and opt for a leather sole if it's not winter
  • Favourite watch

That is it for now, but don't forget to keep on checking my blog for more insights and recommendations from the fashion world.

Where else do you think you could wear your Benici garments? Do you have any style tips you would like to share? Leave a comment in the section below!


Oh, and by the way. . If you have decided to follow Prof. Benici's advice, post an Instagram picture with your outfit and tag @_benici for a chance to be featured on our page! 


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