Buying Your First Suit Series - Part VI: Why You Should Choose Benici

In the past few weeks, we have learnt quite a lot together. From basic principles that should be followed when buying a suit, all the way to important lessons that will guide you on your endless journey to style. Unfortunately though, all great things must come to an end.

Before I officially mark the end of this wonderful series, let me take a moment to summarize a few of the reasons why you should choose Benici for your next custom suit.


At Benici, we pride ourselves on the wide variety of exclusive wools that we offer. From Angelico to Loro Piana, from Vitale Barberis to Ermeneglido Zegna and even the prestigious Caccioppoli… you name it, we got it.

Well priced custom made Italian suit? We got it.

One of a kind ridiculously expensive silk? We got it.

Sales pitch aside, our team will go above and beyond its duty to reach and surpass your expectations. Feel free to contact us at any time should you have a special request or inquiry.


As you might have realized from our previous articles, Benici offers an incredible value for your money. Quite frankly, a Made in Italy custom suit for $899 is a hard find these days.

The catch? We are giving up fancy stores and pushy shop assistants to focus all of our resources on our products’ quality: less waste, more value! Isn’t that smart?


Do you want your unique monogram inside the blazer, or would you rather have your initials stitched on the shirt’s cuffs? Are you falling in love with double breasted suits? Or should you go for peak lapels on a single breasted? Never mind. Maybe it’s all about the patch pockets. So, what about the pants cuffs?

Too many questions? Well, we have some more. Actually, we have 32,000 more.

Yes. That is right, 32,000 is the number of possible suit combinations that you will be able to create on our website. So the next time you wonder about all the stylishly crazy suit combinations that you would love to wear, remember that is there to turn your dreams into reality.

Benici’s “Meant to Be Policy”

We all know the frustration that comes after shopping and realizing that something doesn’t fit the way we wanted. That terrible feeling of regret and sadness. The many questions and doubts: “How did it end up like this?” “I though it was perfect in the changing room!”

Well, imagine a world with no worries. A world where all your problems suddenly disappear, and most importantly, a world where the solution comes for free. Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, thanks to Benici’s “Meant to Be Policy” that world is no longer a dream.

Benici’s “Meant to Be Policy” is the first all-inclusive formula in the world of fashion. From finding a tailor, to giving you style tips and paying for your alterations, we’ve got you covered. You can find out more about our policy here.

This marks the end of Benici’s “Buying Your First Suit Series”, but don’t despair, more articles are on their way every Thursday at 5PM!

If you loved this series, or if there is something that you would like us to explore, simply comment on the space provided below.

Keep on reading, and keep on sharing. 



“Benici, bringing made in Italy right to your doorstep”

Prof. Benici
Prof. Benici


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