Buying Your First Suit Series - Part V: Why Off-The-Rack Makes Sense At Times

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Despite the advantages of made-to-measure suits, there there are times when off-the-rack might actually be the best option for you. Let me walk you through 3 reasons why buying an off-the-rack suit might make sense at times

1-The Price

We all love the process of buying a custom suit: getting your measurements taken, choosing your fabrics, customizing your garment. . .but let’s face it, a custom made suit is not what you would call cheap. Even though it is possible to find companies that offer a good bang for your bucks (e.g. Benici), some might still prefer to go with the cheaper option.

And by cheaper, we mean a lot cheaper. The price difference can reach up to almost 50% for off-the-rack suits of decent quality and make. If you are on a budget, or simply saving up for a nice trip to Hawaii, an off-the-rack garment might actually fit your plans (why not a Benici suit then?).

Of course, price is not the only problems. No matter how great a suit is, your will never be satisfied if it doesn't fully fit your needs, which brings us to our next point. 

2-The Need

As we have discussed before in "How to Buy The Perfect Suit", one of the most important steps when buying a new garment, is determining why you need it in the first place.

Where are you going to wear it most of the time? Will you be using it to go to bars/places with a lot of people? Will it be subject to more wear and tear than the average suit? Is your workplace filled with people wearing high end custom garments? Or is it more of a relaxed atmosphere? It’s only after you have asked yourself the right questions that you will be able to make the right choice.

You can use this little guide to point you in the right direction:


High probability of heavy wear and tear? Go for Off-the-rack

No fancy dress code at your workplace? Go for Off-the-rack

Customization is not a primary concern? Go for Off-the-rack

Fit is not a high priority? Go for Off-the-rack

Made to measure?

Buying it for a special occasion? Go for made to measure

Fancy dress code at your workplace? Go for made to measure

Quality and durability are paramount? Go for made to measure

Fit is crucial? Go for made to measure 

3-The Time

A man once said that greatness takes time. Well, it definitely takes a lot more patience to get a custom made suit as compared to an off-the-rack one. A made-to-measure garment will get to your doorstep within 6 to 8 weeks from your purchase, whereas ready-to-wear will be in your closet as soon as you decide to turn off Netflix, and visit the closest menswear store.

Imagine this: your friend calls you to share a good news. He is getting married in 3 weeks. You congratulate him, chat for a bit and quickly return to what you were doing before. Soon enough, you realize that the only suit you have is ruined! That graduation party really took its toll on it. You look relentlessly in your closet, hoping to find something that will work just as well. Nothing, nothing, nothing, all you could find is an blazer and a pair of trousers. Too bad they don't match.

You conclude that your only option is to buy a new suit.

Being a man of style you start looking for a good made to measure suit, and quickly realize that there is another issue: no one can deliver it in less than 3 weeks.

With a slight bitterness you slowly wear your shows and think: "Desperate times call for desperate measures, it's tome for off-the-rack".

“Benici, bringing made in Italy right to your doorstep”

Prof. Benici
Prof. Benici


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