Hidden Secrets of a Benici Suit: “Our love for details” - Part II

If you thought that we were going to be satisfied with a couple of cool highlights, you were completely wrong. At the end of the day, it’s easy to catch someone’s eyes with a flashy outfit, but only true gentlemen can steal the attention with subtle details, and hidden secrets. It’s time to get back to business, and back to learning. 

In this article: The Half Nail, Pick Stitching, Surgeon Cuffs

The Half Nail

Check out this picture of a Benici suit’s rear pockets. Notice anything different?

Look carefully (hint: it’s circled in red). Italians call it “la mezza unghietta”, and for lack of a better term we used a bare bones translation to name this beautiful detail that comes standard on all of our suit trousers.

The half nail is the stitching detail that you will notice at the sides of your rear pockets on your new Benici suit. This manufacturing feature adds durability and style, while sending a clear message of quality. In a World dominated by mass production and standardization, you should not be surprised if you won’t see this gem on any other pants at the store.

Pick Stitching 

Before we start talking about this feature, we need to destroy a very popular myth: pick stitching by itself is not the definition of a high quality suit. Unfortunately, mass production techniques have made this detail available even on $99 off-the-rack suits that are barely worth your consideration. Nevertheless, if done right, this detail can add a subtle signature touch to your garments.

So what is pick stitching? When should I add it to my suit?

Pick stitching is the barely visible stitching around your lapels, pockets flaps, and shoulders. Traditionally, high end bespoke enthusiasts would add this detail to their garments as a symbol of quality. Today, it’s mostly a question of style. At Benici, we have decided to respect the tradition by offering you the opportunity to add pick stitching to any of your custom configurations. After all, even though many can do it, only a few will do it right. You will be able to learn more about this topic in our upcoming guide on “Customizing and Wearing Your Suit”.

Surgeon Cuffs

Our all time favourite: functional buttons. Surgeon cuffs are an astonishing piece of art, from many perspectives.

This historical feature was first created for surgeons during the war. Functional buttons meant that doctors could undo the last few holes, roll up their sleeves, and get to work without having to take off their jacket.

Soon enough, practicality left its place to style and fashion, and surgeon cuffs quickly became a must-have status symbol for bespoke suit enthusiasts.

To put it quite frankly, none of us believe that you are going to be saving people’s lives while wearing a custom blazer. Nevertheless, if you want to send a powerful message about your suit, simply undo your last button, and let people know that you forgot about off the rack a long time ago.

The good news? Surgeon cuffs are included with every Benici suit.

Alas, this completes our two articles series on the hidden secrets of a Benici suit. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity of showing off your new Neapolitan shoulder, or if you are still unsure about the features that you should select, simply check out this article on how to customize your suit like a gentleman. Once again, don’t forget that a Benici style specialist is always there to help you. Book your appointment today!

“Benici, bringing made in Italy right to your doorstep”

Disclaimer: Our skilled master tailors are constantly striving to provide you with a product that closely reflects the tradition of Made in Italy suits. As we learn more about your preferences, we might apply some slight changes to the standard features that are added on every custom configuration.

Prof. Benici
Prof. Benici


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