Buying Your First Suit Series - Part I: Why Do You Need a Suit?

New Phase

Every new phase in life is often accompanied by a major purchase; a new house, a new car, a new watch…But only one of those purchases symbolizes the main transition into the professional world, and it is Buying Your First Suit.

A Daunting Task

Most first timers approach it with a high level of uncertainty and end up making many misinformed decisions; buying the wrong suit for the occasion, listening the misleading sales people, not knowing how the suit should fit, what level of price-quality ratio they should be aiming for, overpaying etc.… This is why the Benici Team has decided to guide you through both the underlying principles and the process to buying your first suit. 

A Worthy Investment

Buying your first suit should be considered as an investment, an investment that will propel you into the world of professionalism and style.

Look at it this way. Unless your rich uncle has decided to provide you with a life-long allowance, or you just won the lottery, you are most likely going to be spending 57% of your waking time working. Chances are that you are going to spend a very large chunk of that time wearing a suit, or at least a nice pair of dress pants. Now, that is what we mean by a “good investment”. If you are a math head, you can take a calculator and figure out how many hours a year you are going to be wearing a suit. We are not going to go that far, but we can reassure you that you will wear your garment more than you see your best friend.

To say it in our words: “Your suit will be your new favourite hello, and your hardest goodbye”. 

Still not convinced? Our CFO has got your back. Check out his article “The Math Behind a Suit” for some real finance talk.

Why Do You Need a Good Quality Suit?

A good quality fitting suit will last you throughout the years, it will be the first thing people notice about you and the first decision you make every morning before going into the real world. It will be your personal armor all day long, multiple times a week reflecting both your style and personality. From going to work every day to attending that marriage or that fancy dinner, your suit will always be with you and always speak for you. This is why buying a good quality suit should not be considered as a luxury but as a necessity, making it one of the most worthy investments you can make.

A Delicate Process

This is why great care has to be taken during that purchase, and this is why Benici wants to be

the one to guide you through it.

Tune in for the second part of Buying Your First Suit for a step by step guide on how to make that decision.

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Prof. Benici
Prof. Benici


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