CCO Talks: "The Benici Logo"

What does a brand entail? Does a logo merely represent a brand? Or do the visuals represent a company’s philosophy and design thinking? These were not mere questions that I asked myself while designing Benici’s logo. These were puzzles, even mysteries that remained unsolved, until now.


Our company was born to redefine excellence. We strive to meet the needs of individuals like you and I: young professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners and all those looking for an extraordinary experience.


Benici is not just a brand, it’s an experience


A vital step in the design of our logo was to capture the character and personality of our products. This is why I spent a countless number of hours carefully considering its typography, colour palette and overall design.


The choice of a modern typeface for our Brand is no mere coincidence. I wanted to achieve an impeccable balance between the modernistic era of fashion and culture and the traditional look of our logo. After all, our products are shaped by history and delivered by state of the art technology and facilities.


Our Visual Identity: Three Primary Elements


The White Shield

The White Shield represents a new beginning. A blank canvas waiting to be painted with what our minds can imagine. It is also a symbol of safety and trust; key attributes at the core of our company. White is considered to be the colour of perfection, something we strive to achieve in each and every Benici product and service.


The Ornaments

These floral ornaments are inspired by the Baroque art era, otherwise known as the period of artistic style. We love details, we love to please the eye and we love to tickle our customers’ minds. Our craftsmen add artistic elements that are unique to the Made in Italy style. These ornaments are a constant reminder that a beautiful and intricate process goes into making each and every one of our products.


The Sheep

The sheep represents the essence of our company and our materials. We are a young company seeking to make a mark. Not only are we inspired by such a noble animal, but this is also the source of the famous Italian wool that is at the core of most of our products.


The Visual Identity - The Experience

When you wear Benici, you’re living the experience, the experience of being empowered, the experience of being important; the experience of a product that is crafted for you, and only you.


“Benici, bringing made in Italy right to your doorstep”



Parth Bhatt
Parth Bhatt


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