Prof. Benici’s Style Tips: 5 Simple Ways to Embrace Summer

Summer is finally here! Now that the weather has changed (for the better), so should your style.

Follow these 5 simple tips to make your outfits fresh and ready for the sunny days ahead!

Go Sockless!

    If you think that socks are a must for each outfit, you are wrong. Summer is the perfect time to put your long socks back in the drawer. However, that doesn’t mean every pair of shoes can be worn without socks. Examples of shoes that get this job done include loafers (including all the variations such as tassel loafers, suede loafers, etc.) brogues, wingtips, and even monk-straps! The key is to ensure that your shoes are not too formal, or you will end up making a fashion faux pas. 

    Extra tip: try wearing invisible socks. As their name suggests, they are not going to show, but they will substantially reduce the chance of having sweaty feet.

    Wear Light Colours

      Summer is all about sunny days and mojitos, so why wear dark and wintery colours when it’s bright and sunny outside? Try pairing your outfits with brighter colours such as light pink, blue, or white. Opt for a nice cyan instead of your every day navy blue, and wait for the compliments to rain at your next barbecue.

      Wear Shorts

        It is time to ditch long pants and go for shorts. Unless you are starring in Indiana Jones, you should avoid cargo shorts or anything that looks baggy and has lots of pockets.

        Extra tip: roll up your short cuffs for a nice touch.

        Avoid Flip Flops

          Seriously. The beach is the only place where you should wear those. No one wants to see your ugly toes.

          Linen Shirts

            Linen shirts are the perfect summertime garment. This fabric does not retain heat, which means that you will be fresh while sipping white wine at the beach. Linen shirts are perfect for a relaxed "riviera" look. 

            Extra tip: Linen shirts will get wrinkly, seriously wrinkly. If you cannot "embrace" this characteristic, opt for a very light cotton shirt.

            Prof. Benici
            Prof. Benici


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