Prof. Benici’s Style Tips: 10 simple ways to boost your style

Now that you know what you shouldn't do when wearing a Benici suit, let's take a look at what you ought to do.

Follow these simple style tips to amaze the masses. Oh, and do not forget to get yourself a nicely fitted Benici suit and shirt!

1. Use a Pocket Square

A simple, yet very effective addition to your outfit. Make sure that the pattern and fabric create a bit of contrast with your suit. If you are brave enough, you may want to try matching your pocket square's colour to your tie. As always, make sure that you find the right balance between classy and creative.


2. Use Personalized Pins

A personalized pin can say a lot about the man who is wearing it. Find one that you feel comfortable displaying, and people will quickly begin to recognize you with it. Examples include: a flower, a small logo, a small object with some personal significance, or anything else that represents something to you.


3. Use Foulards, Not Scarfs

Foulards are notorious as an instant upgrade to your style. Opt for a silk one with a distinct pattern, and make sure to tuck it in your suit jacket.

Of course, nobody is going to blame you for wearing a wool scarf during the cold winter months.


4. Socks Socks Socks

We have said it countless times before: white socks are unacceptable, and black socks are boring. Get yourself a nice pair of knee high socks, and make sure to unleash your creative instinct with a nice pattern.


5. Knit Ties

I am not sure whether you have seen one of these before, but if you didn't, you should definitely check them out. Knit ties are the perfect accessory for the winter. Besides, you will quickly turn into a real fashion connoisseur. After all, your suits are "Made in Italy".


6. A Watch

I sometime struggle to understand how a lot of men can live without a watch. "I can check the time on my phone," they often say. Well, that might be true, but is that really the only point of a watch? Furthermore, we all know too well how long batteries last these days. What are you going to do when your electronic jewel is dead? Are you going to look at the sun? Well, hopefully it's not too cloudy that day. 

Jokes aside, I would like to gift you with William Faulkner's words. (I am not much of a poet myself, so I might as well leave this job to those who have mastered it before me).

This is what a father once said to his boy while handing down a watch which had been handed down through generations:

"I give you the mausoleum of all hope and desire. . .I give it to you not that you may remember time, but that you might forget it now and then for a moment and not spend all of your breath trying to conquer it".


7. Cufflinks

French cuffs will make it clear that you are someone who likes to distinguish himself from the masses. Nevertheless, you should be cautious when wearing them: stay away from cufflinks that are too flashy, and always ensure that they are appropriate for the occasion.


8. Business Card Holder

No one will like to wait as you awkwardly struggle to pull out a wrinkly business card from your pocket. Buy yourself a card holder for a professional, "down-to-business" look.


9. Collar Stays

No matter how much time you have spent finding the best fit, materials, colours, and outfit, if your shirt's collar looks wrinkly and bent your efforts will be gone to waste. Yes, collar stays should be a prerequisite to every man's outfit, so make sure you wear some at all times!

10. Gloves

Skiing gloves are great for snow fights, but sadly we all have to grow up - well, at least Monday to Friday. Grab yourself a nice pair of leather gloves, and match them with your new favourite Chelsea boots. You will be a real head turner.


What are your favourite style tricks? Feel free to comment below to let us know! Don't forget to keep checking our website for more style tips by Prof. Benici.


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