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June 06, 2016


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Prof. Benici’s Style Tips: 5 Simple Ways to Embrace Summer

Summer is finally here! Now that the weather has changed (for the better), so should your style.

Follow these 5 simple tips to make your outfits fresh and ready for the sunny days ahead!

Go Sockless!

    If you think that socks are a must for each outfit, you are wrong. Summer is the perfect time to put your long socks back in the drawer. However, that doesn’t mean every pair of shoes can be worn without socks. Examples of shoes that get this job done include loafers (including all the variations such as tassel loafers, suede loafers, etc.) brogues, wingtips, and even monk-straps! The key is to ensure that your shoes are not too formal, or you will end up making a fashion faux pas. 

    Extra tip: try wearing invisible socks. As their name suggests, they are not going to show, but they will substantially reduce the chance of having sweaty feet.

    Wear Light Colours

      Summer is all about sunny days and mojitos, so why wear dark and wintery colours when it’s bright and sunny outside? Try pairing your outfits with brighter colours such as light pink, blue, or white. Opt for a nice cyan instead of your every day navy blue, and wait for the compliments to rain at your next barbecue.

      Wear Shorts

        It is time to ditch long pants and go for shorts. Unless you are starring in Indiana Jones, you should avoid cargo shorts or anything that looks baggy and has lots of pockets.

        Extra tip: roll up your short cuffs for a nice touch.

        Avoid Flip Flops

          Seriously. The beach is the only place where you should wear those. No one wants to see your ugly toes.

          Linen Shirts

            Linen shirts are the perfect summertime garment. This fabric does not retain heat, which means that you will be fresh while sipping white wine at the beach. Linen shirts are perfect for a relaxed "riviera" look. 

            Extra tip: Linen shirts will get wrinkly, seriously wrinkly. If you cannot "embrace" this characteristic, opt for a very light cotton shirt.

            May 19, 2016


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            Prof. Benici’s Style Tips: 10 simple ways to boost your style

            Now that you know what you shouldn't do when wearing a Benici suit, let's take a look at what you ought to do.

            Follow these simple style tips to amaze the masses. Oh, and do not forget to get yourself a nicely fitted Benici suit and shirt!

            1. Use a Pocket Square

            A simple, yet very effective addition to your outfit. Make sure that the pattern and fabric create a bit of contrast with your suit. If you are brave enough, you may want to try matching your pocket square's colour to your tie. As always, make sure that you find the right balance between classy and creative.


            2. Use Personalized Pins

            A personalized pin can say a lot about the man who is wearing it. Find one that you feel comfortable displaying, and people will quickly begin to recognize you with it. Examples include: a flower, a small logo, a small object with some personal significance, or anything else that represents something to you.


            3. Use Foulards, Not Scarfs

            Foulards are notorious as an instant upgrade to your style. Opt for a silk one with a distinct pattern, and make sure to tuck it in your suit jacket.

            Of course, nobody is going to blame you for wearing a wool scarf during the cold winter months.


            4. Socks Socks Socks

            We have said it countless times before: white socks are unacceptable, and black socks are boring. Get yourself a nice pair of knee high socks, and make sure to unleash your creative instinct with a nice pattern.


            5. Knit Ties

            I am not sure whether you have seen one of these before, but if you didn't, you should definitely check them out. Knit ties are the perfect accessory for the winter. Besides, you will quickly turn into a real fashion connoisseur. After all, your suits are "Made in Italy".


            6. A Watch

            I sometime struggle to understand how a lot of men can live without a watch. "I can check the time on my phone," they often say. Well, that might be true, but is that really the only point of a watch? Furthermore, we all know too well how long batteries last these days. What are you going to do when your electronic jewel is dead? Are you going to look at the sun? Well, hopefully it's not too cloudy that day. 

            Jokes aside, I would like to gift you with William Faulkner's words. (I am not much of a poet myself, so I might as well leave this job to those who have mastered it before me).

            This is what a father once said to his boy while handing down a watch which had been handed down through generations:

            "I give you the mausoleum of all hope and desire. . .I give it to you not that you may remember time, but that you might forget it now and then for a moment and not spend all of your breath trying to conquer it".


            7. Cufflinks

            French cuffs will make it clear that you are someone who likes to distinguish himself from the masses. Nevertheless, you should be cautious when wearing them: stay away from cufflinks that are too flashy, and always ensure that they are appropriate for the occasion.


            8. Business Card Holder

            No one will like to wait as you awkwardly struggle to pull out a wrinkly business card from your pocket. Buy yourself a card holder for a professional, "down-to-business" look.


            9. Collar Stays

            No matter how much time you have spent finding the best fit, materials, colours, and outfit, if your shirt's collar looks wrinkly and bent your efforts will be gone to waste. Yes, collar stays should be a prerequisite to every man's outfit, so make sure you wear some at all times!

            10. Gloves

            Skiing gloves are great for snow fights, but sadly we all have to grow up - well, at least Monday to Friday. Grab yourself a nice pair of leather gloves, and match them with your new favourite Chelsea boots. You will be a real head turner.


            What are your favourite style tricks? Feel free to comment below to let us know! Don't forget to keep checking our website for more style tips by Prof. Benici.


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            May 12, 2016


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            Prof. Benici’s Style Tips: 10 mistakes that men make when wearing a suit


            You made it. You have finally received your Benici custom made suit, and you are eager to wear it. . .

            Well, before you proceed I want to guide you through a few style mistakes that you should avoid at any costs. Get ready!

            Here they come: 

            1. Short Socks

            Do yourself a favour and keep those short, white socks where they belong: the gym.

            Opt for knee high suit socks, or simply take them off during the summer for a fresh and sporty look.

            Did you say formal socks are boring? Fear not. If you are a creative person, and you do not mind leaving a memorable impression try pairing your suit with your favourite patterned socks.


            2. Too Tight

            Everyone likes to follow the new fashion trends, but some go too far. If you like your suit slim fit, make sure that it’s not too tight. Not only will you damage your garment's fabric (link), but you may also look like you stole your clothes from your 6 years old cousin. (That, of course, is not good).

            3. Too Large

            This, unfortunately, is still a widespread mistake. Make sure that the fit is comfortable enough, but avoid looking like you are wearing your dad’s suit. A well fitting garment will make you look more professional, while boosting your credibility and style.


            4. Wrinkly Shirts

            We all lead busy lives, and are all tempted to go with the “good enough” approach. But this is an area where you should not indulge. A non-ironed shirt could be interpreted as a sign of disrespect towards to person you are talking too. If you didn’t take the time to make yourself presentable to him, why should he spend his time talking to you?

            5. Incorrect Tie Lapel Width Ratio

            It is a very simple formula and it’s worth remembering: the widest part of the lapel and the widest part of the tie should be similar in width. Not only will it make the proportions of the suit more balanced, but it will also influence others’ positive perception of you.

            6. Wearing Your Grandpa's Ties

            I’m sure we can all say amazing things about our grandparents, but there is one thing that does change with time: fashion. Unless you are specifically aiming for that 70’s look, avoid wearing them.

            7. Sleeves Are Too Long

            This is one of the most common mistakes that men make. Make sure that around ¼ inch to ½ inch of the shirt cuff is showing when your arms are hanging on your sides. A good rule of thumb is to remember that your suit jacket's sleeve should end right above the top of your wrist bone.

            8. Pants Are Too Long

            If you like your pants with a full break, make sure that it is not going to wrinkle too much on your shoes. At Benici, we prefer the half break or the no break, as we think that this will improve your silhouette. Besides, why would you not want to show those nice socks that you have just purchased?


            9. Wrong Suit, Wrong Time

            Always ensure that the suit you are wearing is appropriate for the event you are attending. Don’t be too formal when you need to be casual and vice versa. Moreover, watch out for the colour combinations. Black for very formal occasions, light colours for the summer, and neutral colours for the office.

            10. Wrong Shoes

            Another area where it is very easy to make mistakes is the shoes. Here too, avoid taking the “good enough” approach. Invest in a good quality pair of shoes, and match the colour with the suit that you are wearing. Brown shoes work best with a navy/light blue suit, and black shoes with a black/grey suit.


            What are the top mistakes your friends make that get on your nerves? Feel free to comment below to let us know! Don't forget to keep checking our website for more style tips by Prof. Benici.


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            May 03, 2016


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            Prof. Benici's Style Tips: Taking Care of Your Suit

            They say that love at first sight is real. At Benici, we believe in a slightly different version of the story, we call it: love at first fit.

            The first steps of a relationship are comparable to heaven on earth: everything is in its place, everything is perfect, roses are red, violets are blue, and even the winter feels like a warm summer day. In a few words, you feel invincible. 

            You quickly spread the good news to all your friends and family, and enjoy every moment with your significant other.

            Unless your relationship comes straight out of one those fairy tail stories, as time moves on things start getting more complicated. Issues start to arise, and arguments start to form. You quickly realize that more time, care and attention are needed to keep the relationship healthy. In fact, the situation is quite similar when you buy a suit.

            The moment you get it, you feel like a new man. One that can take the world by storm. Looking fresh as never before you get out of the house to face a new day, and whenever you get a chance, you decide to share your suit's story. Where it was made, how special and unique your suit is, and even how much attention to detail was applied while crafting it. Like in any other relationship, as time goes by you realize that tireless care is needed to preserve the beauty of your new soulmate. This article is aimed at giving you few general guidelines on how to get the job done quickly, and without losing your hair.


            1. Rotate Your Suits

            Wearing the same suit everyday is boring and dull, and it dramatically reduces the life expectancy of your garments. High quality wool needs rest, so make sure you rotate your outfit throughout the week. Besides, you don't want to be that one guy with one piece of clothing in his closet.


            2. Get The Right Size

            Have you been going too the gym too much? (Or too little?).

            Keep in mind that if your suit is too tight, you risk permanently damaging your garments. Extreme tension in the fabric will make it more likely for your suit to suffer wear and tear. I am also pretty sure that everyone would like to avoid the extremely embarrassing seam split on tight suits.


            3. Avoid Overusing Your Pockets

            This applies to both internal and external pockets. First, avoid overloading your internal pockets with keys, thick wallets or any large objects for that matter. Not only will you look like you are running away from a Zombie apocalypse, you might also risk damaging or tearing the fabric.

            When it comes to external pockets, we do not recommend removing the stitching that our master tailors have carefully applied. Opening-up your pockets may cause your silhouette to look less streamlined, and putting objects in them will completely ruin your suit's fit. Of course, you should always consider unstitching your handkerchief pocket, and patch pockets. For all other occasions, you might want to get a nice leather brief case.


            4. Invest in a Wooden Hanger

            Ditch the slim steel/plastic hangers that you get from the dry cleaner and invest in a proper set of thick wooden hangers. These will provide your suit with an incomparable shoulder support, while keeping its form and silhouette. As a side note, wood can also help to absorb the moisture and sweat accumulated throughout the day.


            5. Invest in a Suit Brush

            Much like other natural fabrics, wool will attract and hold dust and dirt from the environment around it. When these start to accumulate, they can noticeably damage your garment's fabric. A suit brush can help you remove these unwanted particles, therefore keeping your suit fresh.

            Not sure how to use your brush?

            Simply hang your suit, and brush it downwards starting from the shoulders. You can also use a lint roller to help with the process.


            6. Buy Spare Trousers

            Suit pants are much more likely to be subject to wear and tear than your jacket is. At Benici, we always offer the opportunity to add an extra pair of pants. You should seriously consider this investment! Trust me, you will be surprised how much longer your precious soul mate will last for now.


            7. Avoid Dry Cleaners

            Unless your suit has visible stains or it is starting to have an unpleasant smell, try to avoid dry cleaners. The chemicals used in the cleaning process are harmful to the wool, and they could cause permanent damage if applied too frequently to your suits. Visiting dry cleaners on a weekly basis will only ruin your suits. We recommend washing your jackets every 2 to 4 months, depending on how frequently your garment. You may want to wash your pants more frequently, but luckily, you should have two pairs by now. 

            Another alternative would be to steam suits yourself.


            8. Invest in a Steamer

            If you are really paranoid about wrinkles and keeping your suit fresh, invest in a good quality steamer. It will help open up the fibres, while letting them breathe. As an extra, you may also be able to remove some small stains.


            9. Do Not Mistreat Your Suit

            All of us might be tempted to throw a suit on the couch after a long day at work.

            If you take the time and effort to hang your garments right after you are them off, you will be able to noticeable extend their lifetime. Your wooden hangers will absorb the sweat and moisture that you have accumulated throughout the day, while preserving the silhouette of your suit.

            Do you have any tips on how to take care of your suit that you would like to share with us? Simply comment below to let us know.

            Keep checking Prof. Benici's blog for new updates and style tips! 


            “Benici, bringing made in Italy right to your doorstep”

            April 28, 2016


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            Prof. Benici's Style Tips: When and How to Wear Your Benici Garments

            Well, we have already talked about why you should buy Benici, it is now time to take a look at some tips on how to wear your custom garments with style.

            Let's say that you have just received your new Benici suit. You open the box with satisfaction and contemplate the latest addition to your wardrobe. As you reach for your wooden hanger you start wondering about all the good times that you are going to have with your new soulmate. Yes. Your new favourite suit!


            1. The Casual Dinner

            So here you are, ready to meet-up with some friends for a quick dinner and a few beers. Nobody really knows who's going to be there. Will it be some of your colleagues? Or maybe someone that you have never met before? Either way, the important question is: what first impression do you want to give them? 

            If your answer lies somewhere between stylish, really stylish, and unforgettably stylish, you better keep reading.

            Grab your most unique Benici blazer - maybe a Caccioppoli - and pair it with blue jeans, a nice v-neck t-shirt and, why not, a pair of desert boots. This is the best recipe for a relaxed, casual look, with a slight hint of business attitude. You can substitute the t-shirt for a shirt, if you want a more formal look. We can't promise that you'll start getting free dinners, but you will definitely look sharper than any other man out there.
            Benici's recommended outfit:

            Core Items: 

            • Custom Benici blazer (blue/patterned)
            • Light coloured Benici shirt OR v-neck t-shirt (white or other light colour)
            • Skinny denim jeans


            • Braided belt (brown)
            • Patterned socks
            • Desert boots (opt for a beige in summer, and brown during the winter)
            • White handkerchief (if you really want to dress to impress)
            • Favourite watch


            2. The Marriage

            Yes. These are going to be some of the happiest moments in your family member's/friend's life, and you better not let them down!

            You already know that the happy couple will be getting most of the attention, but there is always a bit of space for you to unleash a few style tricks. If you expect this to be a fun, relaxed environment, it might be the perfect time for you to try something new. Ditch your boring black tie and white shirt combination, and opt for a summery colourful outfit. One flowery shirt, one Ermenegildo Zegna suit, a pair of loafers and a few accessories.  Voilà, les jeux sont faits!

            Benici's recommended outfit: 

            Core Items: 

            • Royal blue suit
            • Print shirt if paired with a solid suit. Solid shirt if paired with a patterned suit


            • Simple brown belt
            • Tassel loafers (white or beige, and don't forget to ditch the socks)
            • White Panama Hat
            • Favourite watch


            3. The Interview

            No, we are not talking about a movie date. We are talking about that scary situation in which your fate depends on a complete stranger sitting across the table.

            Set aside your every-day, off-the-rack suit, and start wearing your Made to Measure Benici garments. Not only will you look unprofessional if you don't, you will also give the impression of a man that does not care about his appearance.

            I might not be an HR specialist, but I sure would not send someone with long sleeves and sloppy pants to talk with one of our clients.

            When you wear a properly fitted suit, not only do you project confidence, you also subtly show your love for details. Besides, you can now tell the interviewer a few stories about the secrets of your suit.
            Benici's recommended outfit:

            Core Items:


            • Tie - keep it classy and conservative, avoid flashy colours
            • Patterned socks if you are a creative mind. Opt for solid socks for a more formal look
            • Tie bar or handkerchief - use one of these accessories to add a subtle touch to your outfit
            • Leather dress shoes - brown or black depending on your suit. Avoid squared toe dress shoes, and opt for a leather sole if it's not winter
            • Favourite watch

            That is it for now, but don't forget to keep on checking my blog for more insights and recommendations from the fashion world.

            Where else do you think you could wear your Benici garments? Do you have any style tips you would like to share? Leave a comment in the section below!


            Oh, and by the way. . If you have decided to follow Prof. Benici's advice, post an Instagram picture with your outfit and tag @_benici for a chance to be featured on our page! 


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            April 21, 2016


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            Buying Your First Suit Series - Part VI: Why You Should Choose Benici

            In the past few weeks, we have learnt quite a lot together. From basic principles that should be followed when buying a suit, all the way to important lessons that will guide you on your endless journey to style. Unfortunately though, all great things must come to an end.

            Before I officially mark the end of this wonderful series, let me take a moment to summarize a few of the reasons why you should choose Benici for your next custom suit.


            At Benici, we pride ourselves on the wide variety of exclusive wools that we offer. From Angelico to Loro Piana, from Vitale Barberis to Ermeneglido Zegna and even the prestigious Caccioppoli… you name it, we got it.

            Well priced custom made Italian suit? We got it.

            One of a kind ridiculously expensive silk? We got it.

            Sales pitch aside, our team will go above and beyond its duty to reach and surpass your expectations. Feel free to contact us at any time should you have a special request or inquiry.


            As you might have realized from our previous articles, Benici offers an incredible value for your money. Quite frankly, a Made in Italy custom suit for $899 is a hard find these days.

            The catch? We are giving up fancy stores and pushy shop assistants to focus all of our resources on our products’ quality: less waste, more value! Isn’t that smart?


            Do you want your unique monogram inside the blazer, or would you rather have your initials stitched on the shirt’s cuffs? Are you falling in love with double breasted suits? Or should you go for peak lapels on a single breasted? Never mind. Maybe it’s all about the patch pockets. So, what about the pants cuffs?

            Too many questions? Well, we have some more. Actually, we have 32,000 more.

            Yes. That is right, 32,000 is the number of possible suit combinations that you will be able to create on our website. So the next time you wonder about all the stylishly crazy suit combinations that you would love to wear, remember that is there to turn your dreams into reality.

            Benici’s “Meant to Be Policy”

            We all know the frustration that comes after shopping and realizing that something doesn’t fit the way we wanted. That terrible feeling of regret and sadness. The many questions and doubts: “How did it end up like this?” “I though it was perfect in the changing room!”

            Well, imagine a world with no worries. A world where all your problems suddenly disappear, and most importantly, a world where the solution comes for free. Wouldn’t that be great?

            Well, thanks to Benici’s “Meant to Be Policy” that world is no longer a dream.

            Benici’s “Meant to Be Policy” is the first all-inclusive formula in the world of fashion. From finding a tailor, to giving you style tips and paying for your alterations, we’ve got you covered. You can find out more about our policy here.

            This marks the end of Benici’s “Buying Your First Suit Series”, but don’t despair, more articles are on their way every Thursday at 5PM!

            If you loved this series, or if there is something that you would like us to explore, simply comment on the space provided below.

            Keep on reading, and keep on sharing. 

            THE END


            “Benici, bringing made in Italy right to your doorstep”

            April 14, 2016


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            Whispering Style: Customizing and Wearing Your Suit

            Great suits are like paintings: it takes a talented artist to make one, and a knowledgeable individual to display them. After all, if you had a Picasso in your house, you probably would not keep it in the basement.  (Unless you have a secret underground gallery, in which case you are excused).

            Today, I want to share with you a few tips on how to make a memorable impression while you wear a suit.

            On the one hand, you don’t want to look like that one guy throwing money on the floor at the club. That’s just not what a gent would do. After all, capturing people’s attention with flashy logos and lots of yelling might get you attention, but it definitely won’t enchant your audience.

            On the other hand, if you are reading this article you are probably also not planning on looking like you are wearing your favourite gym t-shirt. I love my sneakers and workout clothes, but there is a right time for everything.

            What you really want is to find the perfect mix of subtleness, style, and a slight scent of exhibitionism. In a few words, you want to whisper style.

            Great. . .how do you do that?

            First thing first, you need to always remember your goals.

            You want people to see, but only if they look carefully enough.

            You want to talk about your suit, but you don’t want to yell about your style.

            You want something to catch people’s attention, but you don’t want them to get distracted.

            Your turn-key solution are details, and a carefully customized suit. Details are great because they signal connoisseurs without bugging them. They also give you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, without having to brag about it (more on this later).

            Whether you are about to customize your new Benici suit, or you have just received your new custom garment, these are the things that I would always consider:

            Pick Stitching: This is a great simple way to add a signature touch to your solid suits. We highly recommend it on dark colors.

            Shirt Shoulders: If you are a gym rat, or if you happen to have very straight shoulder this should be a must on your custom suit. Shirt shoulders will follow your body curve closely, and are truly unique. The fact that they can only be found on traditional Made in Italy suits will give you a great chance to tell a story about your new custom garment.

            Surgeon Cuffs: Functional buttons are a standard on every Benici suit. Always keep the last hole undone. Those who know will understand, the others will ask about it.

            Now that you have added a few extra features to your suit, it’s time to learn more about them. Keep in mind that knowledge is power, and great stories are charming. Browse our 2 articles series on the “Hidden Secrets of a Benici Suit” and learn more about your suit’s secrets.

            Once you are acquainted with these concepts, all you need to do is wait for someone to compliment your style. When this happens, simply take off your jacket, pop the collar, and calmly explain to people why your suit has a felt undercollar. The war, the Italian tradition, the invisible details. People will be hanging on your every word. Of course, you can use this trick with any other detail that you have discovered about in the other two articles.

            Last but not the least, don’t be afraid to break rules; or better yet, to make your own. If you are like many of us, you are probably wearing a pretty subtle suit. A simple gray, a deep navy blue; people like versatile colors. That’s great. Get your hands on a funky looking silk handkerchief, or pair your custom garment with a patterned tie for an unforgettable look. If you are a little more adventurous, you could try substituting your dress shoes with a nice pair of Chelsea boots. The perfect match for a muddy winter.

            Whatever you decide to do, always remember. Lots yell for attention, a few whisper about their style. Make sure you are part of the second group.


            “Benici, bringing made in Italy right to your doorstep”

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